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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Samir DI Johansson from Denmark to actor and perform stunts in Galaxy Watch (The Galacteran Legacy) produced by Gilt Entertainment

Marlene Mendoza - Manager/Producer
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Samir Di Johansson - Resume

Samir Di Johansson - Actor/Stunts 

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Samir Di Johansson - Actor/Stunts

Samir Di Johansson - Actor/Stunts

Samir Di Johansson - Actor/Stunts

Maui, Hawaii - Filming location

Galaxy Watch (The Galacteran Legacy) film
Samir Di Johansson is from Stockholm, Sweden, and he will perform stunts and act in the film Galaxy Watch (The Galacteran Legacy) set for 2015.  The film will take place in Maui, Hawaii on top of an active volcano will be one of the locations for the film.  An investor has already approved the project as soon as Gilt Entertainment completes the film "The Mob".

Producers: Marlene Mendoza and Gary Van Haas
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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gilt Entertainment producing Galaxy Watch - The Galacteran Legacy - the magical music of Ireland by the Celtic Singers

This was my Mom Margaret Pacholka's magical music that we always loved.  It had a special place in our hearts. It was like the magic of Ireland and Scotland falling upon us.  Her Mother was from Scotland and Father from Ireland.  I was working on "The Mob" film but then for some reason Galaxy Watch (The Galacteran Legacy) was the pick of the month (afterall it was written by an Award Winning Writer Michelle Izmaylov and the screenplay was co-written by myself  - it seems that the music would also be a perfect pick for this film.  Although there is one song fit for "The Mob" film and I'll keep that as a surprise.

Mom and I sang "Danny Boy" often when my son Dan was born.  Mom was there to always help me so I was never left alone or scared while I was still a young bride with a new baby.  This music has such memories although the Celtic singers came way after, but the old songs still remain for 100's of years in Ireland.

It's memories of the time I went to N. Ireland and could hear to bombs going off at Belfast Lough. Although I was never scared because they had peace at Christmas but after Christmas you can hear it.  I went also to the South of Ireland when I was 22 years old and stayed there with the LaGrue family in the North. I remember it being freezing cold and thank God for my new lamb wool long coat, fur hat, boots and velvet clothes.  Funny how we remember what we wore. Mr. LaGrue, Sr. used to always talk about WWII, because he was a Colonel in the war and we'd walk the hills of Ireland and I'd never get tired of the stories.  The harp was playing over Christmas Eve when the younger crowd went dancing to this music. It's funny I gave the family a gold pocket watch and this film is about a pocket watch.  The pocket watch guides her safely through the storm.  I hope my gift has done the same for their family all these years.

The Galaxy Watch (The Galacteran Legacy) is about a young girl but in the film we will have young adult early 20's.  It is not an animation but a film with live actors and some animation for the aliens.  It's about a young woman leaving home and ends up in outer space.  It's an exciting adventure with lots of action and she had a mission to accomplish.  

It's just weird how signs of the past can be possibly related in a book that I didn't write and in the film that was written based on the book.  But the music has brought back the music of my Mother and my memories of Ireland and Scotland.  Her parents were from there but she never went there.  That's why I told her on the way to Heaven now she can stop by.  I remember seeing the old grave stone with my Great Grandfather's name on it, wondering if it was his or not. I found out later he was born in the town I was sightseeing in the North.  There's something magical about those old grave stones, hidden valleys and ocean waves. I could hear the waves and smell the Irish sea when we were both listening to this music.  I used to call Mom often and she always had this music playing.  Now she can go where ever she wants.

So the films will have their magical moment through the music and the stories, and even though this one takes place in outer space that will make it all the more magical.

Marlene Mendoza
Executive Producer/Producer

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Gilt Entertainment's Location for Galaxy Watch The Galacteran Legacy

Maui Active Volcano for "Galaxy Watch"

Maui Water Falls for "Galaxy Watch"

A Marlene Mendoza Film
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Maui Active Volcano for "Galaxy Watch" The Galacteran Legacy"

Maui - Water Falls for "Galaxy Watch" (The Galacteran Legacy)

Producers: Marlene Mendoza and
Gary Van Haas  (in talks with a major producer)
Director: TBA - in talks with a major director
Screenplay: Marlene Mendoza and G. R. Holton
Book Author: Michelle Izmaylov won top Forward National Literature Award
Production Companies: Gilt Entertainment and Cinema Arts Group